Aggie Moorman 

CBT, EMDR & Psychotherapy for Children & Adults

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East Sussex



Aggie Moorman

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, BABCP

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, UKCP

EMDR Accredited Practitioner

Supervisor BAPPS

I have over 20 years of experience in Mental Health within the NHS; 10 years in Adult Mental Health and 10 years in CAMHS with children, young people and families in East Sussex, Brighton, and Hove. I have retired from the NHS and have a private practice.


I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor (UKCP) and EMDR practitioner, an accredited CBT Psychotherapist (BAPCP), and a qualified supervisor (BAPPS). For a full list of qualifications, please see below.


I specialise in CBT for children and young people, and families; with a keen interest in maternal mental health and working with mothers as well as parents.

I am a Polish speaker and can offer therapy and supervision in Polish.

About Me


I started my work as a CRUSE Bereavement Counsellor on the Isle of Wight, and I have completed several CRUSE national trainings including bereavement counselling with children and supervisor’s training. This built a solid foundation for my understanding of human pain and loss as I worked with people bereaved by suicide and with complex grief.

I am qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor and worked as a counsellor in GP surgeries, a Community Mental Health Team, Isle of Wight, and the NHS.

I moved to Sussex and since 2003 have been working in the NHS as a Counsellor, Primary Mental Health Worker, Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist and an EMDR Practitioner.

I have been registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) since 2009. I am qualified as a CBT therapist and have been accredited with BABCP since 2011. I am a qualified supervisor and have been registered with the BAPPS. I have supervised CBT trainees and newly qualified therapists guiding them towards their professional accreditations.

I am an accredited EMDR practitioner and can offer EMDR to all ages.


I genuinely enjoy working with people and am passionate about helping others.  Over the years I have had good recovery rates.

I take pride in my work and value clients’ feedback. I would be happy for you to call me to discuss your concerns and whether I can be of help or if I can recommend other help.




CERTIFICATE IN GROUPWORK  ( The Institute of Group Analysis)






CBT (POSTGRAD Diploma) Brighton University






Therapies & Services


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for all ages including children -  this approach focuses on the current problems, thorough assessment informing on the treatment plan and therapy guiding learning strategies to overcome the problems; to be symptoms free or see a reduction in the level of distress. CBT is an evidence based, NICE recommended, effective treatment for anxiety and depression for children, adolescents and adults. Some people prefer CBT because its pragmatic approach can eradicate the problems quickly especially if clients are ready to make changes. Some people need more sessions if they first need help in identifying their problems and building their hope and motivation to address them. Anxiety can be crippling and have a detrimental impact on daily functioning, and depression is a disabling illness; both can be resistant to treatment and CBT is a recommended treatment.

When working with younger children parents are often asked to participate and to learn to be co-therapists to help with making changes towards the recovery between the sessions.

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A psychotherapeutic approach which helps client to explore their problems and facilitates personal growth. Enabling people to find their own solutions and empowering clients to make their own decisions, to come to terms with the life changing events and transitions that we all need to grapple with at certain points in our lives. Some people prefer to have counselling because they value having a private space to explore things for themselves, to grow in confidence and inner strength and to be able to share their life dilemmas and inner conflicts. Counselling can be short term or longer term depending on the individual situation but this is discussed and agreed in a transparent way.

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Bereavement Counselling

Specialist help for grief, sense of loss, anticipatory bereavement, aftermath of suicide, adjustment to loss, life changes and coming to terms with life changing injuries, blocks to grieving, prolonged grief, miscarriages and still births, and family and relationship break ups.



Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is a therapy developed to treat PTSD and different traumas and has proven effective in treating any anxiety or mood problems which stem from specific life events and unprocessed memories. EMDR is effective for all ages but with younger children parents or carers need to be involved in therapy, parents are asked to participate in the sessions and play a vital role in achieving good results.

EMDR uses bilateral stimulation – eye movement, or tapping, or auditory stimuli to enable “emotional stuckness points” and the unprocessed memories to become integrated in the brain. This therapy is especially effective with “body memories” when people are struggling with disabling physical symptoms, nightmares and trauma. Initially clients are helped to learn to observe their thoughts, images, emotions and physiology in the safety of a therapeutic relationship as they need to feel safe before they are able to address the problems through reprocessing.

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An approach used when people don’t necessarily have specific problems but feel stuck or would like to develop their potential to make the most of their lives. Coaching guides clients to identify their blocks and to learn to see themselves in a new light and to find the motivation to explore new ways of functioning. Coaching can help to fulfil your hidden potential.

Integrative Psychotherapy

A psychotherapeutic modality that incorporates all different approaches and seeks to find a tailor made mix ideally suited to an individual’s needs, problems and personality traits. It is informed on by different theories and therapies, and by the professional development of an experienced psychotherapist who has extensive experience and is able to adapt their approach to a particular client’s needs at a given time.  The Psychotherapist and client make an informed and collaborative agreement about the duration and therapy plan based on the formulation of the problems in the context of life experiences and history. Some people prefer an open ended therapy with the understanding that they are free to leave whenever they like. Whist others might prefer to have a specific number of sessions and  at a review of progress at the end to have a possibility to have more sessions.

My Specialism

I specialise in CBT with children and young people, and CBT with families and behaviour management of younger children. I use EMDR to treat a wide range of problems.

I can help with any anxiety presentations, low mood and any psychological problems; trauma, self harm and eating difficulties, body dysmorphia and other disorders.


I also have experience with sleep problems (insomnia and others), eating problems, weight concerns and disfigurement, and chronic pain. I have extensive experience of bereavement and pathological grief.

I work with all ages and can help adults with these issues as well.

Approach to Therapy

I follow the UKCP and BABCP codes of Ethics and I am insured. I have a home based private practice. I can offer time limited therapy with an agreed number of sessions to address a particular problem or see clients for longer term if this is recommended and appropriate.

I work with all ages, and over the years have had very good recovery rates. I work in a transparent way and seek clients’ feedback.  I am always guided by clients’ goals and a thorough assessment. I tailor my therapeutic approach to clients’ specific needs at a given point in time.


I describe myself as an Integrative Psychotherapist.



CBT – in person 

Counselling – in person

EMDR – in person





Coaching – in person

£75 per session

£75 per session 

£75 per 1hr session. For longer                sessions, fees will be negotiated. 


£75 per session

Free on-street parking at my practice.


I offer a free phone consultation to discuss the problems, any concerns about therapy, and to answer questions about my approach and way of working.  

A cancellation fee applies if less than 24 hours notice is given.





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